Fiat Chrysler Automobiles' chief has expressed doubt about consolidation with Great Wall Motor following the Chinese automaker's earlier expressed interest in his company.

Speaking to Reuters, Marchionne said there were "sensitive issues associated with trans-national mergers" and he did not believe those issues had been thoroughly thought through between the two automakers.

In August, Great Wall made a direct overture to FCA to acquire part of the Italian-American auto company, with a special interest in the Jeep brand, the news agency noted.

While Marchionne has said in the past that he wants to find a partner or buyer for the world's seventh-largest automaker as costs rise, he said aggregation with Great Wall would be difficult as the two companies do not overlap in terms of market or products.

Asked whether FCA would sell Jeep as a separate unit, Marchionne reportedly said that option was not being considered.

Analysts have noted FCA or the Jeep brand would come with a big price tag – in excess of US$20bn – and would present a considerable financial hurdle.