Faurecia says its first employee share ownership plan has been a “large success,” after the subscription period ended on 25 June.

More than 22% of the employees across 15 countries have expressed their wish to invest in Faur’ESO 2021, a figure the French supplier maintains is “far above” the benchmark.

2021 being a year of new perspectives for Faurecia, we were willing to offer our employees, as key actors of our transformation and development, the possibility to take an even stronger part in our journey by becoming shareholders of Faurecia,” said Faurecia CEO, Patrick Koller.

“The very high subscription rate to Faur’ESO demonstrates the confidence of our teams in our ability to create a sustainable future and their willingness to get associated to it.

“This is a particularly strong message in the context of the pandemic. This first employee shareholding plan brings employee share ownership above 2.6% of the capital.”