Faurecia says it has formed a Scientific Council to strengthen its ability to understand, analyse and anticipate new technology applications.

The Council is composed of high-level representatives of scientific institutions such as the Collège de France, the CNRS (French National Research Centre) and the CEA (Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission).

The work of its members is to provide a global and comprehensive overview on technology and science developments, propose new areas for investigation, make global assessments and define different scenarios to help in technology deployment.

Scientific Council members include: Marc Fontecave, Professeur at the Collège de France and president of Collège de France Foundation, Yves Samson, scientific director at CEA Tech, Jean-Luc Moullet, chief innovation officer at CNRS, Eric Moulines, Professor at Ecole Polytechnique, alongside Christophe Aufrère, Faurecia’s Group CTO and Patrick Koller, CEO.

“Faurecia is working with an increasing number of new and emerging technologies with huge potential,” said Aufrère.

“Teaming up with experts from these prestigious institutions will allow us to master and integrate new technologies to support our Cockpit of the Future and Sustainable Mobility pillars.”

The French supplier added the automotive industry is at the heart of major technology evolution and not just driven by megatrends such as electrification, automated driving and connectivity.

Additional technology trends; from energy applications, digital and AI, material sciences, to cognitive sciences and circular economy techniques, have potential to reshape the future of mobility.

“Faurecia has always had a proactive approach to maintaining and increasing its technology leadership, for example through an open innovation ecosystem of academic and research partnerships,” noted a Faurecia statement.