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Faurecia acquires DesignLED

By Graeme Roberts 09 Jun 2021 (Last Updated June 9th, 2021 12:30)

Faurecia has acquired designLED, a Scottish company specialising in backlighting technology.

The Tier One supplier said the acquisition would strengthen its offer of display technology and cockpit immersive experiences.

“DesignLED has a rich intellectual property portfolio as well as advanced modelling and simulation capabilities. Its flexible, energy-efficient backlighting technologies can be adapted to virtually any automotive surface, including complex displays and interiors,” Faurecia said in a statement.

“Combined with the IRYSTec’s strength in image experience and processing, designLED will enable [us] to develop new types of advanced backlighting for use cases that promote safety, personalisation, and convenience. This will give Faurecia Clarion Electronics greater design freedom for new generations of displays that are easy to integrate in any type of cockpit configuration.”

Edouard da Silva, displays global product line director at Faurecia, added. “Immersive experiences are fast becoming a defining factor in mobility, and through the acquisition of designLED we aim to strengthen [our] unique positioning in cockpit user experiences.”