Fastned has opened its 100th fast charging station in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

It is also Fastned’s first charging station in Rotterdam, where hundreds of electric cars can be charged each day at speeds of up to 300kW.

“This 100th station in the Netherlands is a milestone for Fastned,” said Fastned CEO and co-founder, Michiel Langezaal.

“The last years we have worked hard on creating a good infrastructure for electric drivers. With this network, we are making it easier for people to switch to an electric car. Great that the municipality of Rotterdam has made this 100th Fastned station possible.” 

For his part, Councilor Arno Bonte added: “With this fast-charging station we are making the transition to electric driving easier for many drivers including taxis and vans. By doing this we ensure cleaner air and a healthier city.” 

Fastned is building a European network of a thousand fast charging stations. At the stations, electric drivers can add up to 200km range in 15 minutes with electricity from the sun and wind.

Fastned has 118 fast charging stations in The Netherlands, Germany and the UK. All stations are open to the public 24/7.

Customers can pay with a charge, debit or credit card via the Fastned app.

The initiative was made possible with the support of the BENEFIC project, which is part of the European, Connecting Europe Facility programme, funded by the European Commission and through the DKTI-Transport regulation of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.