The political crisis in Venezuela affected the country’s automotive market in September, writes Rogério Louro. Just 8,025 new vehicles were sold, a decrease of 24.3% compared with the 10,600 units sold in August, according to the Venezuela Automotive Chamber (Cavenez).

Compared with the 18,059 vehicles sold in September 2001 the Venezuelan market was down 55.5% last month.

Between January and September 2002, 109,892 vehicles were sold in Venezuela, a decrease of 29.4% compared with the 155,759 units sold in the same period of 2001.

Exports also decreased last month to 321 vehicles, down 48.7% compared with the 626 vehicles shipped in August.

Compared with the 474 vehicles exported in September 2001, last month’s exports fell 32.3%.

However, for the first nine months of 2002, Venezuelan exports increased 12.2% compared with the same period of 2001. Vehicle makers shipped 4,604 vehicles compared with 4,088 in the same period of 2001.