A second London local authority has proposed the introduction of an environmentally-friendly parking policy.

Charges would be based on the national emission band rating used for annual road tax. Permits for cars in the lowest emission band would cost £30 per year but those for vehicles in the highest emission band would cost £200 . The cost for an average car would be £115 and the charges are likely to be introduced between April and July 2007.

Councillor Lib Peck, cabinet member for environment and culture on Lambeth Council, said, “As a council we are developing policies designed to persuade people to limit non-essential car use, and to encourage people to think about how much cars pollute when they come to change their vehicle.”

The cost of the parking permits is significant as they effectively double the cost of putting a car on the road in Lambeth. Annual road tax rates vary from £30 to £215 a year, depending on the emission band rating.

The Lambeth proposal goes to cabinet next week, and if approved will be put foward for full council approval shortly.

The London Borough of Richmond announced a proposal to introduce similar measures in October, but they have not yet been approved by the council. A decision will be made at a special cabinet meeting at the end of January.

Sue Brown