The UK-based online retailer is targeting UK franchise dealers
for B2B new car business.

The arbitrage specialist has recently relaunched its dedicated B2B website which locates supply for UK dealers from cheaper sources
in continental Europe.

Dealer-to-dealer transactions are commonplace but manufacturers are now taking
a greater interest.

Speaking at a conference in London, Broadspeed’s managing director Simon
Empson said that the company is ‘negotiating directly’ with a number
of vehicle makers to secure ‘assured allocation’ and cut delays to
the consumer.

He also said that Broadspeed is negotiating on a global basis in other right-hand
drive markets such as Malaysia to secure supplies for UK dealers at ‘up
to half the UK price’.

He added that Mercedes-Benz in the UK ‘did us a favour by sacking its
dealers’ and looked to a growing sense of nervousness amongst UK dealers
to increase Broadspeed’s B2B business.

The end of bloc exemption in Europe is also expected to lead to more multi-branding
by dealers.

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