www.just-auto.com — Firestone tyres will not be on any 2002 Ford Explorers unless they are changed by the dealers themselves. The announcement is a blow to Firestone that is yet to determine a cause for the tread separations on earlier Explorers.

An exclusive report at www.just-auto.com/features_detail.asp?art=313 and www.blueovalnews.com/nofirestone.htm says that an earlier decision to include Firestone tyres as the default tyre of choice has been reversed, leaving Goodyear and Michelin tyre brands as options.

With the Firestone tyre recall set to be complete in November, it would seem that Ford is following the consumer trend and turning its back on Firestone.

For the exclusive report see:

  • https://www.just-auto.com/features_detail.asp?art=313 or
  • http://www.blueovalnews.com/nofirestone.htm

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