Ltd., the Colombian unit of Russia’s Bronto Cars, has opened a new assembly plant
in the northern suburbs of Bogota, writes Juan Carlos Vargas.



Guests at the official opening ceremony included the Russian ambassador Vitali
Makarov, Bronto Cars general manager Yuri Zuev and Autotat general manager Serguei

The $US700,000, 7,000 square metre factory has an installed production capacity
of 5,000 vehicles per year but current production is just 48 Lada Style 4WD
SUVs a month.

Autotat Ltd. has initially hired only 50 workers but in the next few months
will increase the payroll to 250 and build more vehicles.

The Ladas produced in Colombia are based on a design first launched in the
1980s and, though they are cheaper than the majority of newer-design rival SUVs,
they look old-fashioned by comparison.

These Colombian Bronto models are essentially the same as the Lada 2121s made
by AutoVaz in the Russian industrial city of Togliatti.

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