Colombian sales slowed 2.6% in June, according to statisticians Econometría, as buyers awaited new models soon to reach showrooms.

Nonetheless, vehicle sales were just 77 vehicles fewer than in May and June topped 21,000 cars, above the first-half monthly average of 20,568 units/month.

If the first half follows the average of accounting for 40% of full-year volume, 2007 promises a record 308,525 vehicles.

It’s the economy: GDP grew 8.09% in the first four months of 2007, according to the government, and is up 2.48% compared with the last third of 2006.

The central bank (Banco de la República) has been asked to stop increasing interest rates in exchange for reduced public expenditure, sending good signals to investors and consumers worried about the future of the country’s economy, according to a recent poll.

Into all this, BMW launched its redesigned X5 SUV, Skoda pushed the Roomster on stage and Fiat added the Idea Adventure (aka Palio).

GM lobbed in four vehicles selected from its global source menu at a fancy dinner-party launch. These were two from GM-Daewoo; the mid-sized four-door Epica sedan and the Captiva SUV, Suzuki’s new Grand Vitara SZ and the large North American Chevrolet Tahoe.

Even though the Colombian peso is strong in these days, SOFASA began Renault Logan exports to Peru, too.

Juan Vargas