Employees at Volkswagen Brazil’s São Bernardo do Campo car plant decided on Monday to end the strike that started on 29 September.

The 12,400 workers at the oldest and largest VW factory in Brazil returned to the assembly line though they had not signed an agreement with the automaker.

The strike started to pressure Volkswagen into increasing the size of the worker’s profit shares. The strike began at São Bernardo do Campo and spread to the São Carlos engine plant and Taubaté car plant. But these two factories restarted work after reaching agreement with VW.

São Bernardo do Campo plant employees are now awaiting a Labour Court decision on their claim.

The workers asked for a $R5,500 ($US2,340) profit share per employee, while VW most recently countered with $R5,000 ($US2,125) subject to an agreed production volume of 208,000 vehicles being reached in 2005 or $R4,500 ($US1,915) without agreed volume.

VW said the strike has cost it São Bernardo do Campo production of 16,000 vehicles and over 20,000 in total.

Rogério Louro