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re-engined Gol is the most powerful unit on the local market

Volkswagen do Brazil has launched a new one-litre 16-valve engine that is the
most powerful unit on the local market, writes Rogério Louro Alves.

The new engine, for the local Gol compact, develops 76 hp/6000 rpm and 95 Nm/4500
rpm compared with its predecessor’s 69 hp and 91 Nm. Until now, Renault‘s 16-valve
70 hp engine was the most powerful one-litre unit made in Brazil.

The new VW engine, named the EA 111 1.0, is produced in the São Carlos engine
plant, in São Paulo state. It has an iron block with thin walls, rollerfinger
camshaft and built-in oil filter and water pump.

The air filter is incorporated into the engine’s top cover using a system named
“Design-Filter” developed by Volkswagen of Brazil. This type of air filter is
the same as that used in the Brazilian-made 1.6-litre engine launched in March
for the local Golf.

The re-engined Gol will be launched next week. It’s the top-selling vehicle
in Brazil with 146,517 units sold in the first half of the year.

The Gol is also available with one-litre eight-valve, one-litre 16-valve Turbo,
1.8-litre eight-valve and two-litre eight-valve engines.

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