Ford Brazil has just launched a new limited edition Ka Black derivative with a full complement of equipment and leather upholstery – plus the unusual option of armored glass and body, writes Rogério Louro Alves.

As its name suggests, the Ka Black is offered only in black and only 800 units will be built.

The optionally armoured version is modified by the Brazilian company Inbra-Blindados and is said to provide protection against bullets fired by automatic pistols.

Ford Brazil expects that the armoured Ka will attract buyers wanting an armored yet discreet car that will provide protection from the rampant use of guns as violent crime continues to plague the country.

The rising tide of violence, with cars increasingly being hijacked at gunpoint, has seen Brazil become the world leader in armored vehicle sales.

The Brazilian-built Ford Ka Black comes with a choice of two locally-made Zetec Rocam engines – a one-litre eight-valve 65 hp unit or a 1.6-litre, 95hp eight-valver – in contrast to the OHV pushrod 1.3-litre eight-valve engine fitted to European versions.


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