Economic problems in Argentina clearly affected the motor industry in January, writes Rogerio Louro Alves. The Argentinean National Automaker’s Federation (Adefa) announced that local car makers produced only 4,416 vehicles last month, down 42.2 percent on the 7,646 units made in December and 65.7 percent less than the 12,856 units produced in January 2001.

The economic crisis also affected domestic sales of 3,646 vehicles in January, off 59.3 percent compared with December#;s 8,958 and 80.8 percent lower than the 18,976 vehicles shifted in January 2001.

Argentine vehicle exports also plunged 45.4 percent in January to 3,573 units compared with December#;s 6,545. Year-on-year, the fall was 70 percent.