Argentinean vehicle makers exported 19,727 units in May, an increase of 17.2 percent
compared with the 16,830 shipped in April and 52.6 percent up on the 12,925 exported
in May 2000, writes Rogério Louro Alves.

The Argentinean Automakers Association (Adefa) said the factories produced
28,614 units in May, up 6.8 percent compared with the 26,783 made in April.
But May production decreased 5.6 percent compared with the 30,319 vehicles built
in May 2000.

Local sales also decreased. In May, 13,169 vehicles were sold, down 16.4 percent
compared with the 15,754 units sold in April and a massive fall of 53 percent
compared with the 28,027 vehicles sold in Argentina in May 2000.

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