Evgo has signed a long-term agreement with Driivz, an EV charging and energy management software platform provider.

"Driivz has been our trusted partner for years," said Evgo COO and CTO, Ivo Steklac

"Their platform enables us to keep up with our rapid growth and to realise EVgo's technology vision via a hybrid approach where we will work together to complement each other's technical strengths."

EVgo uses the Driivz platform for: EV charging operations management; retail billing; charging programmes and plans; transaction management and in-house development on customer facing applications; APIs for third-party application integration and platform extension.

Driivz technology also helps EVgo maintain charger reliability and availability with proactive issue detection and remote resolution.

EVgo focuses on delivering to the 220,000+ customers who charge on the EVgo network; individual EV owners, EV OEMs and their customers and fleet operators, through a variety of charging and billing plans, driver self-service apps and custom fleet solutions.

OCPI-based roaming also enables EVgo customers to charge across multiple charging providers with a singular application.

"We are proud to support EVgo's mission to expedite mass adoption of electric vehicles across the US," added Driivz founder & CEO, Doron Frenkel.

"As EVgo increases its client base and the number of chargers on their network, their ability to deliver a reliable and convenient EV charging experience will enhance driver satisfaction and loyalty."