EVBox Group and On Power, the largest energy provider in Iceland, are providing charging infrastructure for EV drivers in Reykjavik.

Some 136 public EVBox charging ports have already been installed across 28 locations in and around Iceland’s capital.

During the coming months, a further 84 charging ports will be installed at the remaining sites outlined in the agreement.

“As the uncontested leader in EV charging infrastructure installation across Iceland, On Power has embraced the implementation of innovative solutions across its network,” said On Power CEO, Berglind Ran Olafsdottir.

"Fast- and ultra-fast charging stations play key roles in the adoption of electric mobility, and with EVBox Group's solutions, our EV charging offering in Reykjavik takes a huge step forward.

"The adoption of EVs has been particularly high among those who have the capacity to charge at their own lots. EVBox Group is helping us to provide charging options to those that don't have that privilege.