Geely’s Volvo Cars reported global sales of 56,883 cars in July, down 8.7% compared with the same period in 2020.

The decrease last month was mainly a result of lower sales in Europe, as well as an unusually strong global sales performance in July last year, when dealers in some countries started to reopen for deliveries after Covid-19 lockdowns. Volume was also reduced by the global semiconductors shortage.

In the first seven months of 2021, the company sold 437,640 cars, up 31.7% year on year.

The Recharge model line continued its strong momentum in July, accounting for 25.5% of sale. In Europe, over 43% of all cars sold were from this electrified range.

US sales reached 11,575 cars in July, up 19.4%, with the XC60 the best-selling model, followed by the XC90. For the first seven months, US sales rose by 42.3% to 75,329 cars.

In China, sales reached 14,550 cars, up just 1%. Year to date sales increased 37% and the XC60 was also top model, followed by the S90.

Europe sales reached 22,408 cars, down 22% as a fall in Europe was offset by a buoyant UK. The top selling model was the XC40, followed by XC60. Total sales in Europe January to July reached 189,230 cars.