Enel X has inked an agreement with the Governorate of Vatican City State, to supply 20 charging points.

The first 12 points have already been installed, while the remaining eight are being delivered. Specifically, Enel X is supplying the Vatican City with pole stations, installed in public areas, each with two 22 kW charging points, which enable two electric vehicles to be charged at the same time.

“The installation of the first Enel X’s charging infrastructure in the Vatican City demonstrates how necessary it has become to prioritise sustainability and environmental protection when selecting from different mobility options,” said Enel X Italy head, Alessio Torelli.

“We are confident this decision will serve as an example and further contribute to the spread of electric vehicles in Italy. To promote the transition to electric mobility, we are creating a capillary network of charging infrastructure and today we have taken another important step, underscoring our commitment in that direction.”

Enel X is continuing to implement Italy’s plan for charging infrastructure, which envisages the installation of a network of public stations across the country.

The plan’s objective is to install 14,000 charging points by 2020, rising to 28,000 by the end of 2022. To date, more than 6,000 new charging points have already been installed.

In the public sphere, Enel X has also signed agreements with more than 900 Italian municipalities, while in the private sector it has agreed partnerships with leading car manufacturers and installed charging points in major shopping centres.

Earlier this year, Enel installed 130 Fast Recharge charging stations, which are now operating on long-distance roads of Italy and Austria as part of the EVA+ project (Electric Vehicles Arteries).

The charging infrastructure in Italy has been developed by Enel and can deliver full power in around 20 minutes. The system is compatible with all electric vehicles currently on the market and is in full compliance with international standards in the field of electric mobility.

Around one year after the start of the project, 110 stations (with 220 charging points) are in operation in Italy and 20 stations (with 40 charging points) in Austria.

EVA+ is the European project for the development of electric mobility, which envisages the installation of 200 fast charging stations (180 in Italy and 20 in Austria) along extra-urban routes in three years.

The programme, which is co-financed by the European Commission as part of the Connecting Europe Facility, involves Enel, as coordinator, and Verbund (the main Austrian utility), together with Renault, Nissan, BMW Group and Volkswagen Group Italia (represented by the Volkswagen and Audi brands).

The charging infrastructure is mainly located in areas adjacent to motorway entrances so it can also be used by people who use electric vehicles for long-distance journeys with stops compatible with charging times, in places such as shopping centres.

Customers can use the Enel X Recharge app to locate the EVA+ stations in Italy and recharge their cars in a few steps.