Elektrobit (EB) has unveiled a new offering providing carmakers with solutions for automotive digital cockpits.

EB Cockpit System Solutions supports the development of in-vehicle user experiences; from specification, design and conception to production engineering and integration of hardware, software and third-party applications.

The new solutions—first used by Sony to support the development of its EV, Vision-S Prototype—allow automakers to offload the creation of custom cockpit designs to EB’s team. EB maintains it makes it possible to differentiate vehicles without the investment and resources required to build from scratch and maintain them over time.

The automotive cockpit is transforming, allowing drivers and passengers to interact with their vehicles as they do with smartphones and appliances. However, bringing the consumer experience into the cockpit is a complex task involving larger displays, voice interaction, augmented reality, access to cloud services, data from sensors and more.

Specifying, designing, sourcing and integrating the various hardware, software and services required to bring these systems to life is time-consuming, resource-intensive and costly.

EB says with its Cockpit System Solutions, carmakers now have a one-stop shop for creating user experiences for their customers. EB fully controls the development process. The result is less specification work associated with single cockpit components, less interoperability testing, fewer suppliers to manage and reduced R&D requirements for the automaker.

EB’s capabilities encompass hypervisor, over-the-air updates, UX design, UI development, natural language understanding and speech recognition. Its experience extends to sourcing and integration of displays including 3D glass and technology such as AM-OLED displays.

EB Cockpit System Solutions customers benefit from EB’s network and relationships, which include Amazon (Alexa Auto and Alexa Custom Assistant), Google (Android Automotive), Qualcomm, Infineon, Renesas and BlackBerry QNX, to name a few.

“EB Cockpit System Solutions allow car makers to bring digital innovations to life more quickly and cost-effectively by offloading the complexities of designing, sourcing and integrating the hardware and software elements to experts,” said EB CTO, Christian Reinhard.

“With EB, car makers can work with a single trusted vendor that has extensive know-how, a far-reaching eco-system of partners and a history of success.”

EB Cockpit System Solutions are responsible for supporting the development of the cockpit in the Vision-S Prototype. Based on Sony’s in-car user experience, EB developed a cockpit system which brought together Sony’s UX design, infotainment software and a computer for the cockpit with customer-specific software.

EB also supported the integration of digital mirrors, 3D glass and a door-to-door display panel.