Troubled Malaysian carmaker Proton says it is currently evaluating setting up a completely knocked-down (CKD) facility in Egypt in 2008, according to a Malaysian report.

A report carried by Malaysia’s Bernama news agency says that plans are advanced and could begin within the next year.

The report cites remarks made by Syed Zainal Abidin bin Syed Mohamed Tahir, the OEM’s managing director.

According to Zainal Abidin, Proton plans to use Egypt to improve its standing in Saudi Arabia, and to launch the brand in Sudan. The OEM also intends to export its vehicles from South Africa, where it is already present.

“Looking at traditional markets in the Middle East, the Gen-2 and Savvy have been widely received. Hopefully with the new car that we are launching this month, we would like to make further moves into these countries,” Bernama quotes Zainal Abidin, as saying.

Proton has announced that it will launch a new sedan, a replacement for the 14-year-old Wira sedan, on 15 August in Malaysia. Following this, and before the start of the next fiscal year, Proton plans to introduce a second new passenger vehicle, which it believes will be a high-volume model.