European Commission (EC) scientists have outlined their opinion, through the High-Level Group of the Scientific Advice Mechanism (Sam), focusing on enhancing the measurement of CO2 emissions from cars.

“We set up the Group of High-level Scientific Advisers only last year to support policy making with high-quality, independent scientific advice, in line with the Better Regulation Agenda to improve the quality of EU legislation,” said Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, Carlos Moedas.

“This is exactly what they have done with this first report. We need to reduce CO2 emissions of cars and vans if we are to achieve climate and sustainability goals and now we have additional scientific evidence base to mould future climate policies in this area.” 

For his part, Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy, Miguel Arias Canete added: “Curbing CO2 emissions and more representative measurements will support European and global efforts to decarbonise transport in view of international commitments to combat climate change.

“An important step has been the adoption of a new emissions testing procedure. This first opinion of the SAM High-level Group will undoubtedly constitute a key reference for our work on post-2020 emission performance standards for cars and vans in the EU.”

The EC noted the independent group of scientists “welcomes the introduction of the new emissions testing procedure” as from 2017, which is expected to provide more representative CO2 emission measurements.

They recommend a regular review of the procedure, complemented by a framework for the monitoring of real driving CO2 emissions, including formal reporting of the fuel consumption of passenger cars.