Eberspaecher says its group of companies generated revenue of EUR4.4bn (US$4.9bn) for 2015, up 21.5%.

Improvements in productivity and efficiency, particularly in the Exhaust Technology division, had a positive impact on Group EBIT, which increased from EUR57.7m to EUR126.4m.

However, the consolidated result was hit by one-off effects in connection with anti-trust proceedings amounting to EUR86.2m and stood at –EUR29.2m.

As a yearly average, staff numbers grew 2.7% to 8,611, of which around half are employed in Germany.

“A year ago we forecast annual revenue growth of over 10%,” said Eberspaecher managing partner, Martin Peters. We have significantly exceeded this figure and also considerably improved our operating profit in the past financial year.”

“Thanks to our stable level of revenues, improvements in productivity and the elimination of one-off effects in 2016, we are expecting a significant improvement in the Group´s consolidated result.”

The Eberspaecher Group develops and supplies exhaust technology, vehicle heaters and bus air conditioning systems.

Customers include almost all European, North American and increasingly more Asian manufacturers of passenger cars and commercial vehicles.