eBay UK is partnering with insurers, Aviva & LV, to encourage the use of recycled car parts.

Through eBay UK, garages and car owners can source parts with potential delivery times of three days.

EBay is also working with green parts sellers to ensure every product sold is certified.

Sales of recycled car parts have risen by 24% YOY in the first seven months of 2021 on eBay, with 92 certified recyclers on the platform. This follows an 11% rise in sales of green parts between 2019 and 2020.

“Making the use of recycled car parts commonplace within the automotive sector is the next step the industry should take to becoming more sustainable,” said eBay UK senior Automotive Business manager, Laura Richards.

“At eBay we’re pleased we can play a role in this, by working across the supply chain with insurers, garages and our sellers to ensure green parts can become the first choice for vehicle repairs.”

For his part, AW Repair Group, operations director, James Dunn, added: “Recycled green parts have been a great alternative solution for us, particularly in the current climate when the manufacturer and supply of parts has been hindered. Green parts help complete repairs and return cars back to the road more quickly where an original part may be back ordered or no longer available.

“Moreover, and more importantly, is the environmental benefit. Having recently achieved the PAS2060 standard for Carbon Neutrality, this scheme actively supports our sustainability commitments.

“Having a household name like eBay leading the scheme reassures our customers when we explain recycled parts. Now 70% of our customers give their authorisation for us to source green parts.