South Korean airbag supplier Dual has purchased a FocusQuantum laser cutting system for its multi-ply plant in Jiangyin, China, from Lectra.

Dual's airbag cutting business supplies Hyundai Motor Group in mainland China. Due to HMG's anticipated rise in production volume from 2017, Dual began looking into increasing capacity. The supplier previously used Lectra's Focus laser airbag cutters but signed for the newer FocusQuantum for factories in China.

The deal includes service support to speed ramp-up, assist smooth integration into the manufacturer's processes and ensure optimal cutting.

Support coverage includes automatic real-time alerts and detailed reports compiling updated maintenance records and system status, including that of the laser source, plus call centres and technicians based in multiple locations.

Founded in 1971 and based in Seoul, South Korea, Dual makes vehicle seating, car mats and airbags with a workforce of 4,000 ar 20 locations worldwide, Dual has operations in China, Poland, Romania and Turkey.