DriveElectric is supplying electric vehicles for a new Scotland energy island project known as ReFLEX (responsible flexibility), Orkney.

The northern Scottish island of Orkney already generates more than 100% of its electricity demand annually from renewables.

The new project will help to ensure the Orkney community takes advantage of its renewable energy potential through a range of low carbon transport and power services exclusive to island residents and businesses, which are being made available via lease financing.

Launched by ReFLEX Orkney, the project uses technologies such as batteries, electric vehicles, smart chargers and smart meters.

To increase the use of electric vehicles, ReFLEX has an EV leasing model which offers a wide range of vehicles, with financial incentives for early adoption. The vehicles range from super-minis to estate cars, with models such as Renault Zoes and Teslas and a variety of vans also available supplied by DriveElectric.

Vehicles are available for test drives in Orkney and the lease model includes the use of a longer-range vehicle for trips off the island.

DriveElectric says it won the work as a result of its experience with EVs and charging projects including My Electric Avenue and Electric Nation.

ReFLEX has also introduced new 100% renewable electricity tariffs for Orkney residents, which will help link energy technologies with ReFLEX’s integrated energy system (IES), FlexiGrid.

“DriveElectric isn’t just a vehicle leasing company, we also have extensive experience in the areas of charging and renewable energy,” said DriveElectric MD, Mike Potter.

“This project is another example of our expertise in bringing together vehicles and energy to reduce emissions and create more sustainable communities.”

The GBP28.5m (US$38m) ReFLEX Orkney project is part-funded by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) through the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund and match-funded by private investment.

DriveElectric is an electric vehicle leasing company that has been helping organisations and individuals to adopt EVs since 2008.

ReFLEX (Responsive Flexibility) Orkney is a GBP28.5m project aiming to create an integrated energy system (IES) in Orkney, Scotland. The project is part-funded by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) through the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund and match-funded by private investment.

The project aims to interlink local electricity, transport and heat networks into one controllable, overarching system, digitally connecting distributed and variable renewable generation to flexible demand.

The integrated energy system delivered by ReFLEX will help Orkney decarbonise by better utilising its significant renewable generation capabilities, by storing more electricity.

Funded by UKRI through the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, the project is led by the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) with cross-sector partners including Aquatera, SMS, Community Energy Scotland, Heriot-Watt University and Orkney Islands Council.