After a year in which Jaguar Land Rover has launched some important new models such as the redesigned Range Rover and new Jaguar variants specially for markets like the US and China, there is plenty more to come from the company which promised eight new or refreshed models this year.

Some we already know about such as the new F-type Jaguar and the hybrid Range Rover while others are still under wraps.

But global sales chief Phil Popham revealed that there would be a “significant” US launch of another new model.

This is almost certain to be the unveil of the redesigned Range Rover Sport at the New York show in late March.

Popham said: “These are very exciting times and we have eight new ‘product actions’ to look forward to this year. We are talking about new body styles and the introduction of new lightweight materials and other innovations.

“We have already seen that customers react well to innovation and there have been 25,000 people in the US alone expressing an interest in the new F-type. Some 85% of these are new to the brand and the age demographic is 10 years younger than our current customers.”