Denso has unveiled changes to its organisation, executive structure and personnel, effective 1 January, 2021.

The supplier launched ‘Reborn 21,’ an internal plan to change operations.

By the end of March, 2021, Denso aims to recommit to maximising its pillars of ‘green,’ (environmentally friendly) and ‘peace of mind’ (safer world for all) and transition to a leaner and more robust corporate structure.

Denso has instituted a Core & Customisation Strategy, which plans products and services in response to the needs of customers around the world. The supplier maintains this allows the company to respond to diverse needs while achieving operational efficiency thorough standardisation. In addition, Denso will continue to promote the digitalisation of its business operations.

Organisational Changes:

  • The company will establish the Environment Neutral Systems Development Division and FC (Fuel Cell) System Business Development Division
  • To accelerate smart cities, Denso will establish the Solution Planning for Smart City Department. Functions related to smart cities will be integrated and the department will control and lead all activities related to this area
  • To strengthen abilities and expand areas using software, Denso will establish the Software Innovation Department. The department will lead the company’s software reformation activities
  • Reorganising production and procurement-related functions and strengthening manufacturing capabilities and competitiveness of production goods
  • To advance its manufacturing strategy and strengthen the core and competitiveness of production supply, Denso will integrate production and procurement into the Global Production Centre. The centre will build a global strategy, including group companies and suppliers around the world
  • To strengthen the core of global manufacturing, Denso will establish the Production Engineering R&D Centre. This will develop production technologies which achieve ‘green’ and ‘peace of mind’
  • To strengthen the ability to provide manufacturing solutions, Denso will set up a new Industrial Solution Business Unit. This is an integration of Denso’s FA (Factory Automation) Business Unit and other functions related to production goods
  • Reorganising sales functions and strengthening solutions business. To strengthen the automobile and social solutions business, Denso will create a new Solution Sales & Marketing Group. This group will include aftermarket sales and services function, which will be spun off from Denso’s current Sales & Marketing Group. That group will be renamed OEM Sales & Marketing Group
  • Denso is changing its global executive structure to speed management decision making and execution: Consolidating four tiers – EVP, senior executive officer, executive officer and executive fellow and senior director – into two tiers: senior executive officer and senior director. The manufacturer will also integrate the positions of executive officer, executive fellow and senior director into senior director