Denso  has invested US$1.95m in the North Technical Training Centre at its Battle Creek, Michigan, facility.

The centre will act as a training hub for Denso and is built with the supplier’s Long-Term Policy 2030, which aims to create new value for advanced mobility.

Denso’s Battle Creek training centre is the third of its kind for the company, with others in Tennessee and Mexico. It will serve employees in technical fields, such as skilled trades, machine technicians and engineering.

Employees identified for training will receive a customised plan to develop new technical skills, gain new understanding of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and improve production efficiency.

“It’s a critical time in the auto industry and we cannot revolutionise manufacturing and engineering without our people,” said Denso senior executive officer and Denso North America CEO, Kenichiro Ito.

“That is why Denso is focused on introducing our employees to new technologies, providing cross-training for collaboration and developing skills that breed innovation.”

At the North Technical Training centre, employees will receive training in areas such as:

  • High-speed video cameras
  • Advanced Robotics
  • Programming automated manufacturing systems
  • Precision assembly and alignment of mechanical components and systems
  • Machine-specific training for proprietary processes