Denso has posted third-quarter consolidated revenue down 9.9% to US$33.9bn.

Consolidated operating profit was US$643.8m, while consolidated profit attributable to owners of the parent company totalled US$416.3m.

“Revenue is recovering steadily due to increased vehicle sales in the second and third quarters, but sales for fiscal year 2021 are still down compared to last fiscal year due to the significant decline in the first quarter,” said Denso senior executive officer, Yasushi Matsui.

“Revenue for the third quarter [three months] increased to US$13.9bn. Operating income was also in the black for all of the third quarter due to an increase in revenue and the effects of measures. Operating income for the third quarter [three months] increased to US$1.3bn.

“Our full-year forecast reflects the strong performance in the third quarter, with revenues projected at US$45.8bn and operating income at US$1.4bn , which are revised upward.”