Denso has joined the Digital Olfaction Automotive Consortium (DOAC) as a founding member.

DOAC was launched by French company, Aryballe Technologies to inform olfaction product development and services. Aryballe develops and manufactures bio-inspired ‘digital nose’ sensors enabling applications in the food, cosmetics and automotive industries.

“Most automotive research has centred on vision-inspired machine learning, but odour-inspired learning has promising applications that will contribute to the future of mobility,” said Denso International America director of Thermal R&D, Rob Brinker.

“The DOAC is comprised of the world’s leading olfaction researchers focused on developing industry-leading technologies in the space.”

The partnership with DOAC will also support Denso’s R&D strategy as it looks to use its sense, judge and actuate system-level approach to olfaction.

In addition to setting industry standards for olfaction, the DOAC will work to create an accessible reference database for relevant odours that includes everything from cigarette smell to odours indicating mechanical malfunctions.

Humans can sense an average of 1 trillion odours. As part of DOAC, Denso will continue to lead the development of next-generation technologies, including those related to olfaction.