Denso has acquired Ease Simulation, a company specialising in automotive diagnostics technology.

The company will merge with Denso Products and Services Americas, based in Long Beach, California and continue to provide aftermarket products, services and technology.

Denso is expanding into software-based solutions in addition to its hardware expertise. The full acquisition of Ease enables Denso to enhance the offer within its Original Equipment Service (OES), aftermarket and non-automotive businesses.

“Ease excelled in its ability to access and extract enhanced level diagnostics data from vehicles, which is a critical component as we develop and provide more connected services to the aftermarket and OES industry,” said Denso Products and Services Americas SVP, Richard Shiozaki.

“The company is an important addition to the Denso family and fits into our long- term goal to create and inspire new value for the future of mobility.”

Ease was founded in 1993 in Scranton, Pennsylvania and its products primarily focus on inspection, diagnostics and emissions, including Vehicle MRI, a precision tool for inspecting and analysing automotive electronic systems and pinpointing hidden problems beyond typical check-engine-light issues.

Ease develops automotive diagnostic equipment, inspection software, emissions equipment, and telematics systems. In 2014, Denso announced it had acquired 72.1% of Ease to help accelerate research and development of its vehicle diagnostic and telematics business in North America.

Denso will move existing Ease employees and their expertise in automotive diagnostics to a business facility in Mayfield, Pennsylvania, known as the Northeast Environmental Technology centre.