The Renault-Nissan Alliance has announced a second partnership with ‘Project Better Place’ to mass-market electric vehicles – this time in Denmark.

Earlier this year it announced a similar project in Israel.

Under the terms of the agreement, Renault will provide Danish customers with 100% electric vehicles at European standards in 2011, providing zero emission mobility while at the same time offering driving performance similar to a petrol engine.

For its part, Nissan, through its joint venture with NEC, has created an advanced lithium-ion battery pack that both meets the requirements of this electric vehicle and can be mass-produced.

The Danish government is backing the project by providing tax incentives on 100% electric vehicles.
Project Better Place will construct and operate an electric recharge grid across the country. The company’s business model also proposes offering battery exchange points.

The Israel-based project will also start supplying electric vehicles in 2011. Renault and Nissan are planning to launch an electric vehicle next year. Initially it will be sold to fleets in France.