Delphi Technologies says it has expanded its brake programme in Europe.

In 2019 the company launched more than 130 new brake pads and discs for new vehicles, including a growing parc of Asian applications and hybrid and electric cars.

Fitted to an additional 19m vehicles, the supplier says it now offers more than 97% coverage on brake discs and 98.58% on pads in Europe.

“We’re particularly proud of our many first-to-market applications,” said EMEA marketing director, Delphi Technologies Aftermarket, James Tibbert.

“By being first on vehicles such as the Audi Q8 and Toyota Supra, Land Rover Defender and Volkswagen Golf MK8, the independent aftermarket can access the repair opportunity on the latest vehicles even sooner.”

To meet demand for replacement parts, the company is extending its line-up for Japanese and Korean applications. The expanded range includes more than 2,600 parts (the whole braking range for Asian VMs) fitted to vehicles such as Mazda 3, Hyundai i30 Fastback, Nissan Qashqai and Toyota Corolla and covers 99% of the European parc on pads and 97.7% on discs.

“The likes of Kia, Hyundai, Toyota and Nissan are continuing to gain share from their western rivals,” added Tibbert. “With a parc of 90m region wide, up 20m in just the last five years, Asian brands represent a fast-growing service opportunity for both specialist and multi-brand garages.”

Delphi Technologies is also introducing new product lines to support the hybrid and electric (HEV) market. 

“Whilst HEVs may be unfamiliar territory for many workshops, using products from a market leader in both HEV and braking technology, means technicians can service these, and other vehicles, in confidence,” noted Tibbert.