Automotive parts distributor, Dealernet, has renewed its contract with Gefco to handle warehousing and third-party logistics (3PL) in North East Italy.

Through the renewed agreement, Gefco Italia will continue to manage Dealernet’s warehouses in Noventa Padovana and Udine, which represent Dealernet’s spare parts storage and distribution platforms for North East Italy.

Gefco Italia will fulfil regular and urgent orders, handling up to three daily deliveries locally when required. The company will also support Dealernet’s migration to a new warehouse management system and the redesign of the warehouse layout to integrate a new automotive brand.

The aim is to reduce stock days and increase productivity in 2021.

Gefco currently manages 4,900 m2, of space for Dealernet in Noventa Padovana and Udine. A total of 33,000 product codes and 48,000 units are stored in the two warehouses and 450,000 lines are handled annually, of which 36,000 are cross-docked.

Starting in 2017 for the management of Dealernet’s warehouse in Noventa Padovana and extended in 2019 to the logistics centre in Udine, Gefco maintains the partnership reflects an “important change in the logistics structure of one of the largest car manufacturers in the world.”

Instead of distributing spare parts directly through dealers, new regional logistics platforms were set up to receive spare parts from the parent company and handle distribution to all local dealers, as well as authorised and independent mechanics and installers.

“This renewed partnership strengthens the desire of both companies to confirm their leadership in the spare parts market,” said Country Gefco Italy manager, Fernando Reis Pinto.

“We are helping Dealernet face the numerous challenges presented by this sector every day, helping our customer manage its business day to day and anticipate possible future developments thanks to our know-how in the automotive sector, which has set us apart for over 70 years.”