Cognata's autonomous vehicle simulation suite will be combined with Dassault Systems' 3Dexperience platform, the two companies said.

The partnership will provide what the partners claim is a "first-of-its-kind" product for vehicle makers to define, test and experience autonomous driving throughout the development cycle within the platform. This is said to make a fully integrated AV development process resulting in faster, more accurate and safer vehicles.

The 3Dexperience platform provides smart, safe and connected while Cognata's full product simulation uses deep learning to enable AV manufacturers to run thousands of different scenarios based on various geographic locations, traffic patterns, and weather conditions.

Combining the two systems delivers a single source environment to engineers for accelerated AV design, engineering, simulation and programme management.

"Simulation is key at all stages of cyber systems engineering.  Billions of miles must be virtually run before a car can be considered safe.  AI-powered experiences that combines vehicle behavior, sensors and traffic models allow alternative designs to be tested in the concept phase to identify the optimal engineering," the companies said in a statement.

"The partnership with Dassault Systems will hasten the development of autonomous vehicles, by making simulation an integral, seamless component of the engineering process," said Cognata CEO Danny Atsmon.

"The earlier simulation is used, the easier it is for engineers to modify each component of the autonomous vehicle and test it through a virtual environment, to see how it works once incorporated in the vehicle and confronted with unexpected edge cases."

Both companies are exhibiting at CES in Las Vegas this week.