Dana has unveiled a new driveshaft engineered to further support engine downspeeding. 

The supplier says its next-generation driveshaft weighs 30 pounds less than existing products and is tailored to address the specific torque-management strategies of individual commercial-vehicle manufacturers.

Engineered with fewer components, Dana maintains the driveshaft offers a simplified installation process to reduce assembly costs for OEMs and improve ease of maintenance for truck owners. 

Performance and vehicle dynamics are improved with reduced noise, vibration and harshness levels, which can also extend component life.  

Available now for pre-production evaluation by OEMs, the system is designed for severe-duty, long-haul applications on high-efficiency Class 8 trucks.

The driveshaft is ready for powertrains that will be engineered for further engine downspeeding – enabling an axle ratio lower than 2.26:1.

“Engine downspeeding is not a one-size-fits-all solution,” said Dana EVP and group president, On-Highway Driveline Technologies, Mark Wallace. “Each OEM implements this efficiency-boosting strategy in its own way, resulting in very specific torque-handling requirements.”

“This next-generation driveshaft is the result of our drive to deliver solutions to meet each customer’s needs while further reducing weight and improving efficiency in our products.”