The Dana TM4 joint venture said it was establishing a new factory in Amal, Sweden that would initially produce electric motors for EVs.

The US$50m operation had received $10.7m in support from the Swedish business development community.

This new operation would be the supplier’s largest of such factories in Europe. With more than half of its three year new business backlog coming from e-propulsion products, the company was increasing its capacity to deliver electric components and systems in the region.

These would be used in all types of vehicles including heavy duty trucks to large construction equipment.

“Sweden is a leader in renewable energy, with 98% of energy production being fossil free, which enables us to build our products using a more sustainable footprint,” said Antonio Valencia, president of Dana Power Technologies and Global Electrification.

The factory was expected to open late in 2022 and would produce a range of TM4 Motive high speed electric motors for vehicles which would begin production in the first half of 2023.

Dana has manufactured in Sweden for 100 years and the new factory would be adjacent to the Amal operation which has supplied the auto industry for 50 years.

New manufacturing and final assembly lines would be operated by 80 new employees.

Dana TM4 is a joint venture between Dana and Hydro-Quebec.