Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV) today announced the creation of the Transformation Management Office (TMO) and the new position of a chief transformation officer “responsible for driving transformational topics and strategic initiatives, particularly related to digitalisation, external partnerships, new business models, internal business processes and company culture”.

Chulanga Perera, currently chief information officer, will head the TMO as chief transformation officer and head of strategy in a dual role until a new CIO is announced. The transformation office consists of around 40 staff who will be responsible for ensuring strategic transformation company-wide.

The TMO will focus on four target areas: Beyond Trucks, Servitization and Partnerships; Steering digital transformation; Enhancing customer service and scaling business offerings.

DCIV CEO and MD Satyakam Arya said: “Now more than ever, companies need to embrace change in order to ensure long-term prosperity. For the automotive industry, this will mean being ready for significant disruption in the areas of digitalization, sustainability, electrification and company culture.”

Despite the global pandemic and economic downturn, DICV was able to outperform the Indian CV market and emerge from 2020 with significant increases in both domestic sales (up 46%) and incoming orders (up nearly 150%) for Q4.