Renault Romania will launch a Duster pick-up truck and special editions of existing models in 2019, Hakim Boutehra, general manager of Renault Commercial Roumanie, the sales division, was quoted locally as saying.

A pick-up version was made previously by Romturingia (mainly for the use of OMV Petrom) but this time the Duster pick-up will be a commercial version sold through the dealer network.

“It will be a work-oriented car, it will not be like Oroch (Renault Duster Oroch, a double cab pick-up truck produced by Renault for the South American market since September 2015),” quoted Boutehra telling local website

The Duster pick-up is highly likely to become the most affordable small truck in the market supported by Dacia’s well developed network for sales and service.

The model will be more utility-oriented than hobby-oriented which means that the finishes will be more simple than luxurious.

It likely will go on sale in the second quarter of 2019.

“It is now in the approval process for sale,” Boutehra confirmed.