Škoda sales slipped 2.1% year on year to 93,600 vehicles worldwide in September. Sales rose in western and central Europe, but fell in China, Russia and eastern Europe.

Sales and marketing chief Werner Eichhorn said: "Combined with the good situation of the overall market, Škoda continues to record a promising number of incoming orders in western and central Europe. By contrast, the automotive markets in China, Russia and Eastern Europe remain challenging. This is also having an impact on our business in these regions."

Western Europe deliveries increased 6.9% to 43,700 vehicles in September.

In Russia, sales fell 37% to 4,600 vehicles. In Eastern Europe volume was off 3.6% to 2,900.

Central Europe sales rose 11.2% to 13,300 vehicles.

Chinese sales fell 4.2% to 23,800 while India volume was down 21.9% to 1,400 vehicles. Australian sales grew 38.8% to 500.