The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is incredibly fast-moving, uncertain, and complex, with potentially profound and long-term impacts on a global, cross-industry scale.

Organisations are going to be faced with tough choices regarding how to successfully steer their business through these challenges, as well as an explosion of conflicting information and views on how to potentially do so.

However, at a time like this, opinions don’t matter. Now is the time to separate fact from fiction, and subjective from objective, and provide decision-makers with access to trusted, timely, and actionable data and insights.

Which is where GlobalData can help.

GlobalData’s FREE-TO-READ COVID-19 Executive Briefing report will help you understand the COVID-19 outbreak, its economic impact, and implications for specific sectors.

Coverage includes: 


  • Spread of COVID-19
  • Comparison with other infectious diseases
  • Progression and inflection point
  • Web and Social media trends
  • Efforts to find cure

Economic Impact

  • Impact on top economies
  • Impact on markets around the globe
  • Impact on GDP
  • Government responses
  • Company concerns

Sector Impact

  • Initial implications for specific sectors

Find out more and read the GlobalData COVID-19 Executive Briefing report