Continental is providing a keyless technology system, QuickStart, for Hiyacar, the peer to peer car sharing platform ('Airbnb for cars').

The partnership with Continental ensures this is the safest and most secure way for people to share their cars. As there is no live key in the car, a person's insurance policy is not invalidated. Additionally, Hiyacar uses facial recognition to add an extra layer of security meaning that only verified drivers can use the cars that have QuickStart technology fitted.

Rob Larmour, co-founder, said: "We wanted to remove all of the barriers to car sharing. Using digital keys was the obvious solution to the hassle of having to transfer keys. However, we knew this could only happen if customers felt comfortable that their cars were safe and secure. This is why security is at the top of our agenda and why we partnered with Continental."

Hiyacar claims to be the first service of its type in the UK to implement a keyless technology system. By providing members with the opportunity to share a 'digital' set of keys, hiyacar encourages more people to share their car as they are given greater flexibility; drivers can gain access to cars on demand and owners do not have to be present at key hand over.

Continental has nearly 25 years of experience with electronic vehicle access systems, making it one of the leading suppliers of access systems worldwide.

Jennifer Wahnschaff, head of intelligent transportation systems, said: "Our Key as a Service (KaaS) product can authorise remote lock, unlock and engine start, with no changes to the car's circuitry. KaaS offers scalability across manufacturers, vehicle models and geographies."