Constellium is to supply aluminium crash management systems and automotive body sheets for the new Peugeot 3008, which will be unveiled at the forthcoming Paris Motor Show.

Constellium will provide the aluminium front crash management system for the vehicle, including a lower beam for pedestrian safety. The supplier will also provide aluminium coils and sheets for the inner and outer bonnet panels and for the bumpers.

“An expert in aluminium alloy development, as well as the design, simulation, testing and manufacturing of structural components, Constellium is well positioned to serve automakers in their quest to make vehicles lighter while offering performance characteristics,” said Automotive Structures managing director, Lionel Chapis.

For the hood outer panel and bumpers, Constellium is providing material with high surface quality with specific hemming and roping properties allowing designs with sharp lines.

“PSA Group has been a long-standing customer of Constellium,” added Constellium Packaging and Automotive Rolled Products Business Unit, sales and marketing director, Dieter Höll.

“Our commitment to innovation enables us to develop new alloys and solutions from the new model design phase to the start of production.”