Five and Cognata will collaborate to offer a modular, cloud-based, end-to-end development and testing platform for automatic lane keeping systems (ALKS).

The two companies said their integrated technology would enable engineer to hyper-scale the simulation of testing and development scenarios and speed up performance analysis of ALKS automated driving systems (ADS) operating within them.  

The co-simulation model will offer:

  • Fast 'in-the-loop' analysis, allowing developers to quickly explore systems and find ADS weaknesses
  • A powerful test oracle measuring ADS performance within a rich, high-fidelity simulation environment, making system failures and marginalities easy to find, triage and analyse
  • Improved scenario detection, ensuring that time and effort is spent only on solving genuine new issues

"Together, these features significantly reduce the need for expensive real-world testing, while accelerating the development and assurance of new automated driving features," the pair claimed.

Five is a self-driving technology company founded and based in the UK while Cognata is a global supplier of large-scale automotive simulation for ADAS and autonomous vehicle segments.