Coleman Milne, which claims to be the UK’s leading manufacturer of hearses and limousines, has launched a new, all-electric “ceremonial” range based on the Ford Mustang Mach-e platform.

The Etive range, named after the river in the West Scottish Highlands, is the company’s first full size, zero emissions hearse and limousine pairing.

Both vehicles are offered with left- or right-hand drive and will be available for demonstration in the first half of 2023. Type approval is set to be achieved by the end of the first quarter of this year. The range will undertake accelerated structural durability testing at Millbrook in coming months to validate its integrity across 40,000 miles of road usage.

“We have long championed the electric hearse at Coleman Milne,” said Graham Clow, national sales director, “and we’re proud to welcome the Etive hearse and limousine as the latest additions to our range. The excellent, longstanding relationship that we have with Ford enabled us to model the range on its Mach-E platform. The Mach-E is the perfect base for a comfortable, quiet and respectful hearse and limousine, while also providing funeral directors with all the benefits and innovations found in today’s electric vehicles.”

The Etive Hearse provides noiseless operation, a flat, full length deck with ample space for personal tributes, three full size bearer seats with lap and diagonal seatbelts, and a glass roof.

Operators can customise the hearse for their own requirements. Options include a power lift tailgate, a full size sliding deck, illuminated signage and a slide out under-draw deck, maximising accessibility. Mounted outside is an aerodynamic wreath rail with added roof protection.

The limousine has been built with passenger comfort at its core, incorporating an additional 114mm in overall vehicle height. Designed to carry seven passengers in addition to the driver, the vehicle is luxuriously appointed and is available with full privacy glass, and as an option, can include a middle door drop glass.

Both the hearse and the limousine contain a 75kWh battery, which is capable of delivering an estimated range of up to 200 miles (versus for a standard Mach-E). Capable of a 10-80% recharge time of 38 minutes, the vehicles boast rapid charging at speeds of up to 115kW.

Every Etive comes with a manufacturer guarantee and eight-year battery warranty.

The Etive joins a model line which includes a plug-in hybrid version of the Mercedes E-Class and the Whisper hearse, based on the Tesla Model S platform and engineered in collaboration with sister company, Binz International.