Coast Autonomous has signed an MoU with Lidar manufacturer Ouster.  

As Coast starts to ramp up production of self-driving passenger shuttles and autonomous utility vehicles, Ouster’s Lidar solution will be a component in its technology stack. 

Coast will use the Ouster OS1 Lidar primarily for vehicle localisation and obstacle detection.

“Automated vehicles require accurate and reliable perception systems to meet the demands of safe, urban mobility,” said Ouster co-founder and CEO, Angus Pacala.

“The OS1 lidar delivers a combination of reliability, performance and affordability that is instrumental in helping companies like Coast Autonomous advance the future of transportation.”

For his part, Coast co-founder and CTO, Pierre Lefevre, added: “Our focus is on safety without compromising performance, while providing a cost-effective service. The Ouster OS1 is an excellent choice as it strikes a balance between price, field of view, angular resolution, range and size. 

“I have also been impressed with the robust design and its ability to withstand all weather conditions and terrain, which are very important as we roll out deployments around the world, including at the South- East Asian Games in the Philippines, universities in Florida and at the KCRP Rail Yard in Texas.”