Cybersecurity solutions provider, Clavister is to collaborate with Tieto, a software R&D service company for Telecom and Automotive industries operating globally.

The companies will jointly provide expertise and solutions for connected and autonomous cars.

“Our aim is to embed security in technologies we use to deliver products and software for automotive companies,” said VP of Business Development at Tieto Product Development Services, Mikel Echegoyen.

“Together with Clavister we can deliver even more efficiently innovative, secure and trustworthy services to our customers.”

For his part, Clavister president and CEO, John Vestberg added: “I expect this year to be the year when physical security marries cybersecurity. We see this becoming a reality across many sectors.

“The transportation market is one good example, where connected and autonomous cars are reaching the market and proper cybersecurity is crucial to prevent incidents and create trust.”

The companies aim to establish a more secure environment enabling new automotive services and benefits of cloud technologies.