TRW Automotive Holdings Chinese subsidiaries are supplying the new Roewe 750 from Shanghai Automobile Industry with active and passive safety systems including the first electronic stability control system for a domestic Chinese vehicle.

TRW Automotive Components (Shanghai) is supplying the Roewe with a premium electronic stability control system that combines the capabilities of ABS and traction control with a lateral stability control feature.

The vehicle also features TRW’s front-row seat belt height adjuster, back-row seat belt systems, and servo brake assembly. The seat belt systems and components are provided by Shanghai TRW Automotive Safety Systems, a TRW-SAIC joint venture. At TRW’s site near Beijing, subsidiary LucasVarity Langzhong Braking manufactures the actuation products.

Roewe made its debut at the 2006 Beijing International Auto Show as the latest independent brand from SAIC.